Social Impact

Donating Backpack Beds for Homeless to Those in Need

At Investing In Property, for every property we sell, we donate Backpack Beds to the Homeless.

A home to live in is something most of us take for granted—but sadly this is not the reality for the many thousands of homeless people who are without shelter on any given night. Figures from the ABS suggest there were a staggering 116,427 homeless Australians in 2016. With many more people experiencing financial hardship since the onset of the pandemic, it’s highly likely that these numbers have significantly increased.

What is a Backpack Bed?

The Backpack Bed is an emergency crisis tent that improves the dignity, warmth, shelter, health, comfort and safety of the homeless. Part swag, part tent and part backpack, this award-winning and life-saving invention was created right here in Australia by husband and wife Tony and Lisa Clark. It is lightweight but tough, providing protection from the elements in every season. It also includes a built-in mattress, insect mesh, emergency blanket and rolls into an easy to carry backpack.

Since establishing the charity Backpack Bed for Homeless in Melbourne in 2007, Tony and Lisa have distributed 35,000 Backpack Beds across the country with the help of their partner agencies. We are proud to play a small role in helping them achieve their goal of providing a Backpack Bed to every street sleeping person without shelter.

Find out more

If you’d like to know more about the Backpack Bed for Homeless charity or offer your support directly, visit their website below.

To learn more about how you can leverage your super to buy a home and at the same time donate Backpack Beds to those in need, contact our team on 07 3011 6260

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