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We specialise in educating about all things super and property, and everything in between. Our company mission is to help hardworking Australians achieve the dream of homeownership and build long-term wealth for an enjoyable retirement.

We pursue this mission by offering general education and strategies on how to maximise your super for retirement. This includes building a property portfolio within your super or investing in a managed property fund.

Additionally, we educate about unique ways to enter homeownership, such as shared equity or second mortgages. Lastly, but most importantly, we provide information about licensed professionals who can implement any of our exclusive strategies.

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Rory Edmonds


Rory is passionate about helping Australians turn their home ownership dreams into reality. With a strong background in digital marketing, he joined Super Property Solutions to connect with individuals eager to navigate the property market.

Purchasing his own home at 23 showed him the value of home ownership as a pathway to financial freedom. This fuels his dedication to help others get on the property ladder. 

At Super Property Solutions, Rory excels at fostering relationships and understanding clients’ needs, empowering them to utilise their superannuation for property investment. His mission is to educate Australians about this innovative approach, making home ownership accessible for all.

When he’s not working, he enjoys exploring the latest property trends and exploring the coast for waves.

Brook Johnson


Brook purchased his first house in New Zealand at the age of 22. He understood the workings of property investment early and saw firsthand that it is a simple but effective strategy to form passive income and reach financial freedom.

He completed his business management degree in 2017, before working as an assistant project manager in property development for three years. He then moved to Australia and worked for a superannuation firm specializing in property.

Brook initially started with investment properties, but when he discovered an innovative no deposit strategy utilizing equity providers, he decided that helping hard-working Australians achieve home ownership was his mission. This led him to found Super Property Solutions, dedicated to breaking down traditional financial barriers to home ownership.

Alannah Coad


Alannah joined our team in May 2020 With a background of finance and project management. Alannah specialises in ensuring our customers feel supported and confident in the customer journey.

With Alannah’s experience within the Project Management and Finance Industry she is fully equipped to assist our clients from their Finance Application Stage to the Building stage.

Since Super Property Solutions has grown Alannah is responsible for overseeing all office functions. She has built a reputation for exceptional customer service and collaborative problem solving, evidenced by the longevity of the relationships she has developed with our client base.

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Super Property Solutions has recently rebranded to ‘Investing In Property’. This update represents the evolution of our company since its founding and reflects the company’s mission and future plans. While this is a significant change, our core beliefs haven’t changed and we will still be providing the same service to our past, current and future clients. We hope to provide you with more strategies and education on property investment for years to come. We look forward to working with you on achieving your goals whether it is your first home, first investment property or your wanting to grow your portfolio.