Tips on Buying the Right Investment Property

To build a property portfolio that provides you with financial independence, it’s essential that you choose the right property in the right location. After many years of finding investment properties for our clients, we have learned what works and what to avoid.

Long-term capital growth is the key to success – and to achieve this, there are certain boxes that must be ticked. Here are our non-negotiables to ensure our clients get the maximum benefit:

  • proximity to CBD – a property that is within 35 kilometres of the CBD is a must
  • government infrastructure spending – this is a very good indication of a growth area
  • close to schools and childcare – the ideal location will appeal to families
  • close to public transport – investments close to transport command higher rent
  • close to shops and hospitals – being close to essential services increases the demand.


We also focus on securing turnkey properties that are ready for tenants to move into now. That way, your property will generate instant cashflow.

With our Property Portfolio Accelerator program, the entire investment process is done for you, so that the experience is stress-free and you can feel confident your property will tick every box.

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Super Property Solutions has recently rebranded to ‘Investing In Property’. This update represents the evolution of our company since its founding and reflects the company’s mission and future plans. While this is a significant change, our core beliefs haven’t changed and we will still be providing the same service to our past, current and future clients. We hope to provide you with more strategies and education on property investment for years to come. We look forward to working with you on achieving your goals whether it is your first home, first investment property or your wanting to grow your portfolio.